Welcome to AnupGoel's Engineering Study Centre
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Welcome to AnupGoel's Engineering Study Centre

We are India's Engineering Training Academy. Our highly accomplished coaching faculty are experts in their respective field.
"Successful Engineers are not born, They are made at Goels."


Prof. Anup Goel (B.E. Mechanical and Post Graduate Diploma in Tool Design with CAD/CAM)

Prof. Anup Goel Author of Mechanics, BME, FM, MP, MS, Metallurgy, SOM, TOM-I,Thermodynamics, DME-I, TOM-II, DME-II, TMC, NMO, DOM, MSD & PPE for TECHNICAL PUBLICATIONS *Author for other Universities also.

He is conducting classes for the following subjects :

  • Engineering Mechanics (F.E. All Branches)
  • Fluid Mechanics, SOM & TOM-I (S.E. Mechanical/Civil)
  • DME-I, TOM-II, HT, DME-II, NMO & TMC (T.E. Mechanical)
  • DOM, CCA, RAC & MSD (B.E. Mechanical)


The coaching for other subjects taken by faculty members are :

  • M-I, M-II & M-III (F.E. & S.E. All Branches)
  • Engineering Graphics (F.E. All Branches)
  • Thermodynamics & Applied Thermodynamics (S.E. Mechanical)
  • Power plant engineering (B.E. Mechanical)
  • SA-I, SA-II, SD-I & SD-II (S.E. & T.E. Civil)
  • C, C++ with DS (S.E. Comp/IT)